About Us

Welcome to Ignite Technology

Ignite Technology’s ignition lead production facility was originally formed in 1989 and was part of a company called ‘Sparkforce’.


In 2013 Ignite Technology was formed to facilitate the purchase of Sparkforce production equipment, components and knowledge.

Some original engineers transferred to Ignite Technology as part of the purchase and are now owners of this ignition lead production company.

Ignite Technology has retained the original values created by Sparkforce, resisting the pull to modernize production methods and go automated, but rather remaining ‘old school’ in producing every lead by hand.

Each lead is produced to OE drawings and design and all components and lead cables are produced to OE standards.

This continuity of production methods doesn’t always make us the quickest to complete an order, or necessarily make us the most competitive in price, but our returns rate for faulty goods is at 0% and our customer retention is 100%, so we believe it works well.

In addition to our OE equivalent ignition lead sets, we are able to produce one-off individually designed lead sets to suit our customers needs and we are able to offer a variety of colour and cable thickness options.

Our sales are built on trust, trust that we will retain our values, that we will retain our quality, that we will be competitively priced and that we will support our customers every step of the way.

"Whatever road you travel, trust Ignite Technology for your journey"